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Meditation & Mindulness

Trained with The British School of Meditation my aim is to teach you safe different meditation techniques suitable for all from the complete beginner who has never contemplated Meditation before. To build your confidence to commit to regular practice.

My classes are guided, relaxing & friendly within a safe environment & most importantly enjoyable. Learn how to quiet your mind & increase your overall happiness.

There are many benefits from Meditation. Learning to cope better at times of stress, learning to relax your mind & body, increase your self confidence & a positive focus in daily life. Learn to be more in control of your mind & thoughts & experience better improved sleep.

Classes are designed & created for you to experience different types of meditation. To explore & feel which technique suits you best. We focus on a process using our awareness of our breath as the anchor to bring our attention into the present moment. You are not expected to sit in the lotus position crossed legged on the floor. All classes are seated on a comfortable chair unless your desire is on a Zafu cushion or bench. (If so please bring your own). No need for any special equipment or clothing just to be comfortable. These classes are not religious based.

When you consider we experience up to on average 60,000 thoughts a day a high proportion of these thoughts are potentially negative giving rise to emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety & worry. Our aim is to develop the skill of learning to let go of these potential harmful thoughts & become present in the now moment freeing ourselves from troublesome worrying unpleasant thoughts. We become more happier & relaxed by this practise improving our happiness, health & wellbeing.



I am happy to discuss how my classes can improve a more positive, happier workforce within your team.

Meditation improves stress, depression, concentration & increases creativity. Thus creating a general feeling of improved positive happier workforce’s.

I can create workshops/courses from small groups of 6 for any size business.

Examples of course/class sessions:

  • Introduction to safe Meditation & general housekeeping for Meditation.
  • A range of different guided breathing meditations ie squared breathing, counting breaths, alternate nostril breathing.
  • Contemplation meditations.
  • Bodyscan meditation.
  • Sensory meditation.
  • Walking meditation.
  • Loving kindness Mediation.
  • Visualisation Mediation.

Guided group Mediation makes learning to mediate so much easier. So many people find it is so difficult to meditate on their own especially a beginner & give up. Committing to group meditation classes gets you use to meditating so you will find it more natural when you practice on your own.

Prices for meditation classes are available on request.

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