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La Stone Therapy

La Stone Therapy is a therapeutic prescription massage designed to bring about a natural healing response in the body.

La Stone goes beyond the physical experience of typical massage it can be up to 8 times more powerful than a regular massage entering dimensions of deep relaxation, improved health outcomes & well-being.

This therapy can be adapted to suit your individual requirements on the day. After your personal consultation we will decide the best therapy treatment focusing on you.

The treatment is so unique we may use a combination of any of the following:

Warm Basalt Stones – soothing, nurturing & deeply relaxing.

Cool Marble Stones – reducing inflammation, muscular tension & toxins.

Aromatherapy oils – Blended, each oil has different therapeutic properties benefiting various conditions. Either by being absorbed by your skin through massage or vapour throughout the therapy room for you to enjoy the evocative aromas.

Crystals – Placed either under or on top of the body focusing on the body’s key energy channels bringing about healing & balance to the mind, body & soul.

Mystical White Sage – This plant is considered as sacred. Been used for centuries for cleansing, purifying & protection.

Singing Bowls & Sound Therapy – To restore vibratory frequencies in the body. Known to heal pain, depression & stress disorders.

Benefits of La Stone Therapy:

  • Alleviate pain
  • Improves circulation
  • Improved Lymph Function
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Reduced Inflammation & toxins
  • Improved circulation 
  • Reduces stress, anxiety & depression
  • Insomnia & fatigue 
  • Deeply restorative & relaxing
  • Well being


LaStone Therapy Treatment Prices

Full Body Massage £50.00

Back Massage £35.00

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